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Welcome to Angel Band Productions!

Angel Band Productions is dedicated to reviving the principles of the Great Law of Peace set forth by the Peacemaker in the 11th Century which were the basis of the establishment of the Iroquois Confederacy. These principles are the basic foundation of her book “The Peacemaker” – available at – published in 2010.

The principles are:
  • Stewardship of the land
  • Respect for all sentient beings
  • Respect for wisdom honed by the life experience of elders
  • Honoring cultural diversity
  • Conflict mediation and empowerment of all members of a society
In so doing individuals will develop strong minds and bodies, extended family units will be restored, resulting in strong communities, a strong nation and moving forward by living sustainably to maintain peace and prosperity through the “seventh generation.”

Follow Brenda Duffey on Facebook, Twitter and her blog “A Time for Peace.” Check the events calendar on the following page for times and locations where you may meet Brenda in person and hear her story about the writing of “The Peacemaker.”

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