Dedicated to my brother Ron Criswell whose voice was the voice of an angel band.

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Heavenly Messages for the 21st Century

Unheard voices  stilled by  the collateral damage of war and industrial devastation.

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National Public Radio Interview with Tripp Sommer

This video is an interview with Tripp Sommer host of Northwest Passage on the Public Radio Channel in Eugene, OR just after I released the second edition of The Peacemaker in 2010.

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Book Fair in Louisville, KY displaying all my published books, stories and plays.

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 The Peacemaker

New Pangaea - An Evolution into the Fifth World

Finding New Pangaea -

A Squeaky Wheel Gets Oiled - The Musical

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Harvest of my Three Sisters garden and gratitude ceremony at The Farmhouse.

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News of the West Blvd. Seeds of Change working to develop this section of Charlotte into a vibrant community for sustainable living and food and social justice.